Elle on Purpose is a place for overwhelmed moms to come for easy, actionable solutions to the common struggles that we face every day. Whether you stay at home, work from home, or work outside of the home, we are all fighting similar battles. 

So many moms out there are plagued with the same feelings of juggling too much and falling short. Motherhood is hard and messy, but there are small changes we can make to live simpler, more present lives with our families.

I share creative ways to work smarter, not harder. From how to reign in our budgets and make some money, organize our homes and lower our carbon footprints, to making time for family and prioritizing self-care—because you can’t pour from an empty cup!

A bit about me

My name is Elle, and I’ve worn many hats—I’ve been a medical assistant, phlebotomist, mail carrier, and a doula (to name a few!). But my favorite job is being a mom. Today, I have a very supportive husband, and between us, we have four great kids.

But, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been quite a journey to get here.

I spent my first ten years of motherhood just barely holding it together. My home was a constant disaster, and I never wanted to be there. To avoid it, I’d drag my kiddos out to spend the day at thrift stores, Target, and friend’s houses. This led to more clutter, lots of budget stress, and always struggling to figure out dinner plans.

Honestly, I was a hot mess. I was disorganized and trying desperately to fill several voids in my life with pointless projects (that I often didn’t finish) and unnecessary purchases. The truth was, I was drowning in anxiety and self-medicating with shopping and classic avoidance. I loved my children fiercely, but I knew I wasn’t the best mom or wife I could be. 

I was broken and I needed help. 

After a very bumpy 2015, a divorce, 100s of hours of therapy, and a lot of self-reflection, I learned that I can change. I matter. I have value. And, with a little work, I can absolutely get my shit together and have the life I have always dreamed of. And you can too, Mama!

Motherhood can feel lonely at times, but we are all in this together.

One more thing…

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Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I hope you stay awhile!